Most Important Prepositional Phrases for Job Exams-1

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Prepositional Phrase indicates the combined form of preposition words and noun words which expresses a different and new meaning in English language. Such prepositional phrases are called also fixed prepositional phrases. In case of various job exams or admission exams, we are to face several question items on prepositional phrases. So, there is no doubt in that we must learn these Prepositional phrases along with their meanings.

ইংরেজি ব্যকারনে Prepositional phrase বলতে বোঝায় preposition শব্দ এবং noun শব্দের একত্রে বসে গঠনকৃত রূপ যা একটি নতুন এবং ভিন্ন অর্থ প্রকাশ করে। এই Prepositional phrase গুলোকে fixed prepositional phrases ও বলা হয়ে থাকে। যেকোনো চাকুরীর পরীক্ষায় বা ভর্তি পরীক্ষায় আমাদেরকে এই Prepositional phrase এর উপর প্রশ্নের মুখোমুখি হতে হয়। সুতুরাং, এতে কোন সন্দেহ নেই যে আমাদেরকে অবশ্যয় এই Prepositional phrase গুলো শিখতে হবে তাদের অর্থ এবং ব্যবহার সহ।

Today, I will discuss over some important prepositional phrases along with their meanings and examples. If you are a candidate of any kind of job exams or university admission exams, you must learn these Prepositional phrases in order to do better in your exams. I will discuss on this topic through several chapters. This is 1st lesson on Prepositional phrases for you.

আজ আমি ২৫ টি গুরুত্বপূর্ণ Prepositional phrase এর উপর আলোচনা করব তাদের অর্থ এবং উদাহরণ সহ। যদি তুমি কোন চাকুরীর বা ভর্তি পরীক্ষার পরীক্ষার্থী হও তবে তোমাকে নিশ্চিতভাবে এই Prepositional phrase গুলো শিখতে হবে তোমার পরীক্ষায় ভালো করার জন্য। আমি এই বিষয়টি একাধিক অধ্যায়ের মধ্যে আলোচনা করব। এটি হচ্ছে তার ১ম অধ্যায়

Structure of Prepositional Phrases

Firstly, I want to show you the grammatical structure of a Prepositional phrase:
প্রথমত, আমি তোমাকে একটি Prepositional phrase এর গঠন কেমন তা দেখাতে চাই।

Structure: Preposition+ Noun/Pronoun

Structure of Prepositional Phrases

Yes, this is basic structure of a Prepositional phrase. But you may get one or more prepositional words or nouns in a single phrase. However, the most important fact for you is to memorize the meaning of a Prepositional phrase through proper understanding. Because, the meaning of these Prepositional phrases are fixed and you cannot find out their meaning by translating each word separately.

এটি হচ্ছে Prepositional phrase এর মূল গঠন। তবে তুমি Prepositional phrase এর মধ্যে এক বা একাধিক preposition শব্দ বা noun শব্দের দেখা পেতে পারো। যাইহোক, সবচেয়ে গুরুত্বপূর্ণ বিষয় হল, তোমাকে এই Prepositional phrase গুলোর অর্থ মুখুস্ত করতে হবে এবং উদাহরনের মধ্যে দিয়ে এদের ব্যবহার শিখতে হবে। কারন, প্রতিটি Prepositional phrase এর একটি নির্দিষ্ট অর্থ রয়েছে এবং এই Prepositional phrase এর অর্থ তুমি আলাদা ভাবে প্রতিটি শব্দের অর্থ বুঝে বের করতে পারবেনা।

Another thing you must know is the function of “one’s”. you may get the part “one’s” in some Prepositional phrases. During making sentence, you have to change the form “one’s” into “my/his/her/their/your/our” according to the form of the subject in that sentence.

আরেকটি বিষয় তোমার জেনে রাখাটা ভালো যে যদি তুমি কোন Prepositional phrases এর মধ্যে “one’s” এই শব্দটি পাও তবে সেই “one’s” দিয়ে বাক্য গঠন করার সময় তোমাকে এই “one’s” শব্দটিকে “my/his/her/their/your/our” তে রূপান্তর করতে হবে সেই বাক্যে subject এর রূপ অনুযায়ী।

For an example:
Of one’s own accord= He broke the agreement of his own accord.

(Here, the word “one’s” has been changed into “his” following the subject “he” in the sentence -এখানে “one’s” শব্দটিকে “his” এ রূপান্তর করা হয়েছে এই বাক্যের subject “he” কে অনুসরন করে)

25 Important Prepositional Phrases

Here are 25 important Prepositional phrases in this first lesson:
এখানে ২৫ টি Prepositional phrases দেওয়া হল এই প্রথম অংশেঃ

Above all
English meaning: (most importantly)
Bengali meaning: (সর্বোপরি)
Above all, I’d like to thank my friends for their support.

Of one’s own accord
English meaning:
Bengali meaning: (নিজের ইচ্ছায়)
Example: My brother has wasted his money of his own accord.

On account of
English meaning: (because of something)
Bengali meaning: (কারনে)
He cannot go to college on account of his health.

On/off the air
English meaning: (If a programme or a person is on/off (the) air, they are/are not broadcasting on radio or television)
Bengali meaning: (কোন কিছু সম্প্রচার বা সম্প্রচার বন্ধ অবস্থায়)
The radio station is on air from 6.00 a.m.

At one’s back
English meaning: (with the support)
Bengali meaning: (কারো সমর্থনে)
He was spreading his power with many politicians at his back.

Over a barrel
English meaning: (to put someone in a very difficult situation in which they have no choice about what they do)
Bengali meaning: (খুব অসুবিধাজনক অবস্থায়)
You will get yourself over a barrel for your acts.

On behalf of all
English meaning: (in favor of everybody)
Bengali meaning: (সবার পক্ষে কিছু করা)
I applied for the permission on behalf of all villagers.

Beside the point
English meaning: (to be in no way connected to the subject that is being discussed)
Bengali meaning: (অপ্রাসঙ্গিক বিষয়)
We should not move beside the point now.

Between you and me
English meaning: (said when you are telling someone a secret)
Bengali meaning: (আর কাওকে না জানিয়ে)
Between you, and me, John is thinking about leaving the company.

In black and white
English meaning: (to be written down)
Bengali meaning: (লিখিতভাবে)
Everybody couldn’t believe it was true, but there it was, in black and white.

At first blush
English meaning: (at first sight)
Bengali meaning: (প্রথম দৃষ্টিতে বা প্রথম দেখায়)
He loved the lady at first blush.

In a body
English meaning: (If people do something in a body, they do it together as a group, in an official way)
Bengali meaning: (সবাই মিলে একসাথে)
The workers went in a body to the manager to complain.

In one’s book
English meaning: (according to one’s own opinion)
Bengali meaning: (কারো নিজের মতে)
In my book, the man should be appointed here.

At bottom
English meaning: (in a basic way)
Bengali meaning: (প্রকৃত পক্ষে)
Jealousy is, at bottom, a lack of self-confidence.

On the cards
English meaning: (to be likely to happen)
Bengali meaning: (সম্ভাব্য বা ঘটতে পারে এমন)
We hope that the revolution is on the cards.

Around/round the clock
English meaning: all day and all night)
Bengali meaning: (সারা দিন রাত ধরে)
We worked around the clock in order to finish the project.

In the club/in the family way
English meaning: (pregnant)
Bengali meaning: (সন্তান সম্ভবা)
Example: His wife seems to be in the club/in the family way.

In cold blood
English meaning: (If someone kills in cold blood, they kill in a way that seems especially cruel because they show no emotion)
Bengali meaning: (ভেবে চিন্তে কিছু করা)
You killed the man in cold blood.

On the contrary/on the other hand
English meaning: (used to show that you think or feel the opposite of what has just been stated)
Bengali meaning: (অন্যদিকে বা বিপরীতে)
I try to help you always On the contrary, you try to hurt me.

Over the counter
English meaning: (an over-the-counter drug is bought from a shop without visiting a doctor first)
Bengali meaning: (ডাক্তারের পরামর্শ ছাড়া)
I cannot sell this medicine over the counter.

In due courses
English meaning: (at right time)
Bengali meaning: (যথাসময়ে )

The man came here in due courses.

At daggers drawn
English meaning: (If two people, countries, etc. are at daggers drawn, they are in a state of extreme unfriendliness and do not trust each other)
Bengali meaning: (বিদ্বেষমূলক অবস্থায়)
India and Pakistan have been at daggers drawn from ancient period.

To date
English meaning: (up to the present time)
Bengali meaning: (আজ পর্যন্ত)
His novel is best work to date in Bengali literature.

To a degree
English meaning: (partly)
Bengali meaning: (আংশিক ভাবে)
To some degree I think that’s right, but there are other factors which affect the situation.

Between the devil and deep sea
English meaning: (to have two choices but both of them are equally unpleasant or not convenient)
Bengali meaning: (উভয় সংকটে)
Example: Because of being between the devil and deep sea, I cannot help you.

তাহলে এখন Prepositional phrases এই ২৫ টি খুব মনোযোগ সহকারে মুখুস্ত করে ফেলার চেষ্টা করো। আমি যত দ্রুত সম্ভব Most Important Prepositional phrases for Job Exams এই অধ্যায়টির ২য় অংশ প্রকাশ করব। সুতুরাং, সবসময় পাশে থেকো নতুন অনুশীলনীর জন্য। ধন্যবাদ।

So, now try to learn these 25 Prepositional phrases very attentively. I will publish the next lesson on Most Important Prepositional phrases for Job Exams as soon as possible. So, stay with me to be updated.