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Hello, it’s Sarowar Parvej, the author and publisher of this website Artistic English. Actually, i started my teaching career in 2007 with a group of students privately. Yes, it was a simple private batch of students with whom i started and the name, Artistic English, you are seeing is named after our private institution ‘Artistic English Learning Centre’.

about author - sarowar parvej
Sarowar Parvej

What i have put here on this site is the outcome of my experience i have achieved throughout my teaching session for more than 8 years. So, Artistic English is a different type of educational website based on practical teaching methods.

I have tried my best to arrange every lesson in a way though which you will feel that you are learning directly with your tutor. You will find out that all the English grammatical lessons published here are direct reflections of my practical teaching sessions.

Another one thing, i have noticed about common students of Bangladesh that most of our students are not well aware of the grammar of English language. Though communication is the basic strategy of learning a second language but you must have basic idea about the basic grammar of a language to learn and use it properly.

So, teaching English grammar is one of the major goals of this website and i have tried my best to make grammatical lessons fun and interesting as much as possible. Hope you will enjoy the learning process followed here.

Above all, if learning gets fun, both teaching and learning jobs are done. This is the sole reason we are here both for teaching and learning English language.

So, let’s start… the journey of learning English language using creative and artistic ways!

– Sarowar Parvej