Learn Vocabulary on the Characteristics of People in English

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In English vocabulary, there are some most used words which express the character types of people. So, here is the lesson on the Vocabulary on the Characteristics of People which covers both the positive sides and negative sides of human attitude to others and their ability or weakness.


I hope this collection of vocabulary on the Characteristics of People will help you to describe a person along with his nature. If you memorize these words and learn the proper usages of them in sentences, you can easily express the characters or attitudes of the people in English.

I have enlisted the most essential and used words in this lesson along with their usages in sentences.

This is a perfect lesson for you to enrich your vocabulary stock in English.

Intellectual ability or inability of people:

There are some words which are used to express the intellectual ability or quality of the people. These words are considered as adjectives in parts of speech. You know, people have both positive and negative qualities in their nature.

Here is a chart on both the positive and negative sides.

Positive Qualities Negative Qualities
Intelligent Stupid
Bright Foolish
Clever Half-witted
Smart Simple
Shrewd Silly
Able Cunning
Gifted Crafty
Talented Sly
Brainy (colloquial) Brainless/ Daft/ Dumb/ Dim (colloquial)

Your little brother seems very intelligent.
You should study hard to be a bright student.
He is really a stupid.
A cunning fox called for the meeting.

People’s Attitudes towards life:

These words are used based on the thoughts of people. Different people have different views or attitudes towards various aspects of life.

Here those words are enlisted below with the expressions.

Expressions Positive Negative
 Looking on either the bright or the black side of things  optimistic  pessimistic
 Outward-looking or inward-looking  extroverted  introverted
 Calm or not calm with regard to attitude to life  Relaxed  tense
 Practical, not dreamy in approach to life  sensible  down-to-earth
 Feeling things very intensely  sensitive

You should be optimistic in this project.
I hate introverted people very much.
This case is really very much sensitive.

People’s Attitudes towards other people:

These words are used based on the attitudes or behaviour of people towards other people in this world. People treat others based on their thoughts or activities. You can use these words to describe the different nature of people in our society.

Words Meanings
 Sociable/ gregarious  Enjoying others’ company
 Quarrelsome/ argumentative  Disagreeing with others
 Cruel/ sadistic  Taking pleasure in others’ pain
 easy-going/ even-tempered  Relaxed in attitude to self and others
 Impolite/ rude/ ill-mannered/ discourteous Not polite to others
 Honest/ trustworthy/ reliable/ sincere  Telling the truth to others
 Jealous/ envious  Unhappy if others have what one does not have oneself

You must be sociable to live in a society.
People do not like a quarrelsome girl like you.
Why are you jealous of his success?

Finally, I would like to show you a chart on the synonyms and antonyms on the characteristics of the people.

Chart on the Synonyms and Antonyms on the Characteristics of the People

Synonyms Antonyms
determined Obstinate/ stubborn/ pig-headed
Thrifty/economical Miserly/ mean/ tight-fisted
self-assured self-important/ arrogant/full of oneself (colloquial)
assertive Aggressive/ bossy (colloquial)
original Peculiar/ weird/ eccentric/ odd
Frank/direct/open Blunt/ abrupt/ brusque/ curt
broad-minded Unprincipled/ permissive
inquiring Inquisitive/ nosy (colloquial)
generous extravagant
innocent Naïve
ambitious pushy (colloquial)

Now be determined on your oath before the journey.
A pig-headed like you should not stay here any more.
Most of the people are ambitious in their imagination.

So, now memorize these words and make sentences yourself in order to ensure your perfect learning of this vocabulary on Characteristics of People. You can find out more essential vocabulary collection on our vocabulary lessons category.