The Shortcut Method of Report Writing for Board Exams-1

For Report writing, there is a shortcut method you can use as a pre-made writing format in case of only covering the question items. Remember, you can apply this method in S.S.C and H.S.C board exams only to get pass mark. It is a model Report through which you will be able to compose any Report on any accident.This sample of Report is composed based on the several  reports suitable for academic exams.

If you are an examine of S.S.C or H.S.C in Bangladesh, you have possibly prepared your lesson on several topics of English 1st paper and English 2nd paper. Report writing is one of those topics. Now, my concern is to assist you in preparing your  Report writing topic in the easiest way. You can find out other similar types of methods under the The Shortcut Method category.

Yes, I am going to tell you about the short-cut technique Report of writing on road accident through which you can easily answer your  Report writing on several suggested topics in your exams in case of not getting common.
Well, you know, having common items in question paper is another one important topic. In this regard, if you do not get common item on  Report writing in your exam hall, you can apply this method to answer the question successfully. But remember, this sample can be written based on any kind of accident such as Road accident, Train accident and so on.

One more thing, i have published the shortcut way of Paragraph writing-1 before. If you want read that, you can go there. That is also important for you.

So, let’s discuss on the method now…

Question Model:
In your exams, you will be asked to write a Report on a particular topic. There will be set hints for you as the direction of writing. Now, notice the topics of report where you can apply this method.Here are the topics:

Suppose, you are a reporter of The Daily Star. You are assigned to cover a……………….
Write a Report on……
(a terrible road accident/a train accident/ the clash between a car and a truck/frequent road accident)

Note: In report writing, there will be no title of report mentioned in question paper. In that case, you have to write the name/title of report into phrases and it should include the effects or result of the accident.

Format of Report Writing on Accident

A terrible car accident,two killed

Staff corespondents, The Daily Star

Sarowar parvej           – (‘name of reporter’)
Rajshahi                      – (‘place of incident’)
February 16 2014      – (‘date of reporting’)

A (name of accident) accident occurred in front of Rajshahi Collegiate school,Rajshahi on Monday,February 15 2014 at 4.00 p.m. I was walking along the footpath towards my home from my school/college at that time and the accident happened just beside me.

The (road) beside the rail crossing was very crowded and people were rushing after office and college hours.At that time a car was coming from the eastern side at a normal speed. A (truck/train) suddenly came from the opposite direction at a high speed.Being afraid of the danger,the driver of car instantly wheeled the car to the roadside to avoid collision.But the driver lost control of the car and it dashed the electric pole.I heard the sound rushed to the spot.Not only I but also passers-by rushed to the same spot.After going there we got that there was a boy beside the pole and became injured.The driver of the car was dead at spot.Then,the truck fled from that place.Everybody was busy with the boy.We quickly took that boy to nearby hospital.But unfortunately, after going there the doctor declared the boy dead.We became shocked.However,the police came and searched the address of the boy and the driver.They sent the two bodies according their destination.Gradually,people again became busy.

The condition of our road is so bad that we cannot tell whether we shall come back at home or not after going outside.The government should be strict to establish the road law and all people also should help to stop such horrible death.

Instruction on Report writing:

  • You must give a suitable ‘title of report’ and this title should be written into phrase not into sentence. And in the phrase, try to avoid the auxiliary verbs such as (am,is,are,was,were). Just keep the key-words in phrase.
  • You have to write the report into 3 paragraphs at least.
  • Replace the part ”(name of accident)” by the subject given in question. Besides, change the name of vehicles in report according to the question. For an example if there is a road accident, use the name ‘car,bus, or truck’. If it is train accident,use the name ‘train’ and in the place of ‘road’,use the ‘rail line’. But if it is happened in water, use the name ‘ship’ or ‘boat’.
  • In the place of ”(school/college)”, use the option in which you belong to.
  • Change the ‘date of accident’ according to the question. And the ‘date of report’ writing should be after the ‘date of accident’.
  • If the ‘name of magazine’ is mentioned in question, use that name but if there is no name,just write down ‘Staff corespondents’.

Hope this will help you a lot in your short-cut preparation process. This shortcut way of Report writing-1 is only for the students of Bangladesh. But keep in mind that, you can use this format only for the report on accidents.
At last, I expect you will be successful to apply this method correctly. If there is anything to know, please inform me on comment section.

Thank you very much.