Useful Linking Words and Phrases for Free-Hand Writing in English

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Linking words and phrases in English language indicates the words or phrases which are used in a piece of writing to connect sentences and expressing relation between them. To enrich the quality of writing or free-hand writing in English, using linking words between sentences is an essential element. So, in this lesson, we are going to learn a few sets of most important and used linking words and phrases in English language.


What are Linking Words and Phrases?

In English grammar, the words or phrases which are used between sentences to keep the transition and balance of the discussion both in writing and speaking are known as linking words and phrases. Generally, they express relationship between two sentences. They function similar to conjunctions in Parts of Speech because of their connecting nature.

When you are going to write a paragraph, composition, or report in English, you have to use these linking words and phrases to maintain the standard form of writing in modern English. For free-hand writing in English, you have to use these linking words and phrases to improve the quality of your language.

Types of Linking Words and Phrases

Here, we will see several charts of linking words and phrases classified based on different expressions and senses such as indicating contrast, providing an illustration, extending a point, showing cause and effect, showing next steps and so on. These categories will help you understand the right usages and places of linking words and phrases in a piece of writing.

To learn these phrases, try to memorize them with their meaning and use them in your daily free-hand writing exercises. Besides, written English, try to use them in your general spoken practices. This is the only way through which you can learn the right ways of using them in English language.

Charts of Linking Words and Phrases

Linking Words and Phrases

Indicating A Contrast

When you want to show contrast between two sentences, you will use these linking words and phrases. It is used between two sentences where two sentences are expressing two different meaning.

On the other hand
In contrast
On the contrary
In fact
Another possibility
Better / worse still
Despite this
In spite of
For all that
All the same

I help the boy on the other hand he disobeys me.
However, they win the match through hard work.
Another reason is against your morality.
In spite of having money, he begs always.
Although they are meritorious, they have cut a sorry figure in exam. 

Providing An Illustration

To provide more information or examples on a topic, these linking words and phrases are used as supportive hints. You are discussing on a topic and now you want to provide more information on it. In such situations, these words are supposed to be used.

For example
As follows
That is
That is to say
For instance
Say in other words
Such as
Most importantly
Typical of this / such
Not least
A typical / particular
Key example
In particular

For example, the flood of 1988 was a remarkable destruction.
Most importantly, they should help the affected people.
In particular, he has got the first prize.
There are many problems such as population problem, environment pollution, etc.
You should read newspaper especially the English one. 

Extending A Point

In order to put more similar references or ideas on a topic, you can use these linking words and phrases

In addition
In the same way
In addition
Above all
As well

Indeed, he is a criminal in this group.
In the same way, you can also have that.
Besides, he gave me some toys last year.
Above all, you must study hard to get the highest marks.
Rahat as well as his brother cam in the party.

Showing Cause and Effect or Indicating Conclusion

When we want to express the reason or cause of an action, we use these linking words and phrases in English. Sometimes, we also use these words to conclude on a topic.

It follows that
For this reason
In this / that case
Because of this / that
This suggests that
In conclusion
In short
To conclude
In brief
It might be concluded from this
Accepting / assuming this
Resulting from
In consequence of this
As a result
Owing to / due to the fact that
Accepting / assuming this

Therefore, we have changed our working plan.
Because of this problem, we could not go to college yesterday.
In brief, they are out of selection now.
As a result, they have lost their jobs under this rule.
It might be concluded from this report of the researcher.

Showing Next Steps

If we describe the process of an action or event in steps one by one, we use these linking words and phrases in our writing.

To begin/start with
Last but not least
First and foremost
First and most
In the first / second place

Firstly, people seem unconscious of the fact.
Afterwards, the government does not take essential steps.
Last but not least, we should go ahead to solve this problem.
Then, he makes it suitable for all of us.
Ultimately, we found the peace in this city.


This is all about the linking words and phrases in English language and you are going to notice a lot of usages of them in different types of paragraph, composition, and report writing in daily life. It’s impossible to come with a standard form of writing in English language without having these essential linking words. Add these lists of words and phrases to your Vocabulary Lessons to enrich your word collection in English.

From now, when you will read a piece of writing in English, try to find out these linking words and how they are used between sentences. This will give you a clear idea about the proper usages of linking words and phrases in English. Hope this lesson will be a useful supplement in improving your English language expression both in written and spoken forms.