Future Continues Tense in English Grammar

Future Continues Tense indicates an action which will be continuing for a period in the future. We use future continues tense for a future action over a period of time, something that we will be in the middle of that. It is the 11th part of the lesson Tense and its classification.

Now, I will discuss the structure of Future Continues Tense along with its negative and interrogative forms. You should learn the structures of this tense in order to complete the classifications of tenses.

Before, I have discussed over Present Continuous Tense and Past Continues Tense. You will get the similar structure in this tense except the forms of auxiliary verbs.

So, let’s start the lesson…

Structure: Shall be/will be+(verb+ing)

Notice these Examples:
I will be waiting here for you
They shall be observing the matches of this field.

So, you have got that in future continues tense, the forms of auxiliary verbs: ‘will be/shall be’ are only different. But the form of main verb is always (verb+ ing). And, as you have studied before the usages of auxiliary verbs, here is same. You will use the auxiliary verb ‘will be’ when your subject is (3rd person+ singular number). And in all other places, you have to use the auxiliary verb ‘shall be’.

You may also use the verb ‘will be’ in all places to express the stronger expression.
Now learn the structures of both negative form and interrogative form:

Negative Structure: shall be/will be +not + (verb+ing)

I will not be waiting here for you.
They shall not be playing the match tomorrow.

Interrogative Structure: Shall/will+ subject+ be+ (verb+ing) +object?

Will I be waiting here for you?
Shall they be playing the match tomorrow?

So, I would like to finish here this lesson on the Future Continues Tense today. Hope to come back soon with the next lesson on tense.

Thank you very much.