Grammar Lessons

English Grammar Series is an excellent and effective attempt in teaching English grammar to the second language learners. This grammatical section is arranged base on the most necessary grammatical topics selected for the learners. Moreover, these lessons on grammar are classified into three categories such as Beginner, Essential, and Advanced section so that the learners can decide from where they should start their journey. 

English grammar is considered as the mother of English language. From time to time, English language has become most popular in the world because of its usages and simplicity. Now statistics indicates that more than 60 countries all over the world use English language as their first or second language. However, in that case to ensure the authentic usages of English language all over the world by different people, it is essential to follow a standard level of language usages.

Regarding this aspect, Grammar is playing a major role to spread the light of the language in a proper and accepted way. There is no doubt in that English grammar instructs its user towards the right path of applying language in case of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Communication through English language becomes effective and well accepted through its correct usages.

Grammar distinguishes between the right and wrong usages of the Language. There is no alternative way of learning a language in a standard way and being a skilled user without ignoring the grammar of that language. Therefore, i have arranged this section especially for the English language learners based on the essential lessons of English grammar. Every lesson is an outcome of careful researching and practical experience.

Of course, you will notice the difference and techniques of teaching method. These lessons are not similar to bookish methods but the expressions of real teaching and learning. Of course, you can consider these lessons as the best guidelines of English grammar learning. Moreover, i will try my best to improve this section regularly. Now all of that I need is your co-operation.

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