About Artistic English

Artistic English is an educative contribution to the successful efforts of English language learners worldwide arranged through artistic expressions. Here, the all lessons on learning are arranged following artistic methods of language learning. There are hundred language learning books and websites all over the world full of silent methods of learning and lack of Bengali explanation. But practical learning requires the communication between a learner and a teacher.

Besides, language learning should be an art through which the learners will travel with pleasure.Such a pleasure only come when a learner learns a language through his or her mother tongue. Artistic English fulfils both aspects. It creates an active communication between the teacher and the learners and it is explained both in English and Bengali language.

To ensure these methods of learning English language, I, your language tutor am right here to teach you using artistic method of teaching. Obviously, you will learn a language successfully and effectively in these ways. Please notice one thing, in every lesson, I am talking to you, asking you, and teaching you. Just follow the methods of lessons I have asked. You will certainly reach at the highest peak of confidence and performance in your language skill.

In order to learn a language, there is no alternative way of learning the ins and outs of grammar of that language and practising those expressions in real communication. English is considered as an international and mostly used language all over the world at present.

So, it is essential to ensure the correct and standard usages of this language in case of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Study of grammar of a particular language ensures the authentic and standard usages of that language all over the world. As a result, I have emphasized over learning grammatical expressions and practical usages.

In the journey of your English language learning, you may face a lot of troubles. Don’t worry please. Ask me anything on any topic you have to know. I am here to assist you, to instruct you and I myself believe that without communication between the learner and teacher, no learning or teaching is possible. Hope you will read…follow…practice…and succeed to transform your English into artistic English.

Artistic English highly considers the interests of its audience.
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